Orius Capital is a strategic partnership with Orus Bank and established in Belize (Caribbean, Central America) - an area well-known with a legal background for emerging industries such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Orius has grown into a global-scale organisation with support from companies and corporations in the following areas:

Trading Exchange

Trading Bot & Signals

Forex & Cryptocurrencies

Venture funds

Blockchain & AI

Big Data Analysis

Please check your spam or trash folder in your inbox. If it is not there, you may have filled in your email address incorrectly. Try submitting your information again in Orius Capital website.

Please check your spam or trash folder in your email. If it is not there, you may have filled in your email address incorrectly. Try requesting the ‘forgot password’ email again on Orius Capital website.

Orius Capital does not support the storage of personal wallet address information you have used to avoid withdrawing to wrong wallet address. This helps protect investors' rights during the withdrawal process.

If any individual wants to create multiple accounts, you can use a same email address to register the account.
Notes: Username cannot be the same.

There are Multiple incomes after invested in Orius Capital:

Daily income returns on your Investment.

Direct bonus (8% of the direct investment package).

Indirect bonus (2% from the daily profit of direct investment package).

Binary bonus (up to 8% of the weaker side depends on your level).

With Orius Capital you can only purchase a single package per an account. However, you can upgrade to a higher package at any time and you will have the right to receive the profit following the policy of the new investment package right after upgrading.

You can transfer money in your Cash wallet to any other account by entering their Username and the amount of money you want to send.

We process withdrawals as soon as we receive any requests from investors, the time for processing is within 24 hours.

If you are looking forward to changing with your registered Email address, then you have to write an email to our Support team by mentioning your Old email address, Username, your account password. We will verify your primary data with our records and then send you new credentials.

Well, this is a very common case where certainly people face, we ask you to be calm as there is an option Forgot Password at our Login Page through which you can recover your password by entering your Username and we will send an email after the process. You will have to click at the link and then reset your password.

The basic package is the smallest investment package that Orius Capital provides. You can find out more about our investment packages at the Investment Plan list, which is on our Business Plan Page.

Orius Capital offers a pretty fair withdrawal fee.
The investors have to pay 5% on each withdrawal order.

Orius Capital's daily income will be paid at 23:59 (GMT +8) Hong Kong time.

After the account registration process is completed, you have to deposit into your account to activate your investment package as well as your personal referral link. Then you can send it to all people who can be your investors.

$ 20 is the minimum amount for each withdrawal.

In every investment plan you will see the amount of percentage in Total profit part, it's show you the time that your investment package will complete.
Ex: The basic package has total profit 200% and daily profit of basic package from 0.5-2% compare to the investment amount. So the investment package will be completed until it reachs 200%.