Orius Capital provides a diversified, robust and effective ecosystem incorporating various technologically powerful features to optimise assets and maximises return rate.

Trading Exchange

Deploy a trading platform where you can trade and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Trading Bot & Signals

Providing trading bot products which applied AI technology as well as the signals of the cryptocurrency market.

Forex & Cryptocurrencies

Based on the swap of forex rates and the value between altcoins for adjustment in buying and selling to gain the maximum profit.

Venture Funds

Investing funds for potential projects to achieve huge profits.

Blockchain & AI

Research, develop and implement Blockchain & AI technology into the financial service.

Big Data Analysis

Analyse and optimise many data sources to help examine graphs technical in the most accurate way to get the highest value.


Orius Capital's strategic vision is never limited; we are placing our first steps in the journey to change the future with groundbreaking technologies.

Multi-Blockchain Interoperability

Communicate on multi-chains to develop blockchain-agnostic protocol. Thus it is possible to process data on multiple Blockchain platforms at the same time.

Handling algorithms with the power of the device

Take advantage of the processing power of all connected devices for running algorithms

Multi-Flow Payments

Payments are automated using Smart Contracts, which can be sent or received by every cryptocurrencies all over the world. Payment is initiated through the SWIFT network, supporting more than 200 countries globally


The platform runs blockchain-agnostic and connects to any blockchain database that the company wants to use. For example, two companies can leverage all platforms without the same blockchain infrastructure (e.g. Ethereum and Hyperledger)